Siotra Watermark

Siotra Watermark 1.0

Apply watermarks to your photos in two clicks


  • Easy to use
  • Doesn't change original files
  • Lets you include extra elements easily
  • You can modify the watermark as many times as you want


  • Only works with folders, not individual files
  • No watermark preview


If anyone wants to use the photos you have on your website, there's little you can do about it except for trusting people's good will. But you can at least discourage them from stealing copyrighted content with watermarks.

Siotra Watermark is a simple tool that helps you add watermarks to your photos very easily. It features a tabbed interface with separate areas, one to select the source and target folders and another one to configure the watermark itself. Yes, Siotra Watermark only works with photo folders, not single photo files.

You can use any custom message as watermark, and Siotra Watermark also gives you access to some extra elements such as including the file's name, the year or a copyright symbol. Other configuration options let you customize the watermark's font, tweak its opacity and choose its location on the image.

Siotra Watermark is really simple to use and works great. It's missing a preview feature, so you can't check your work before you apply the watermark. However, you can always apply the watermark, and if you don't like it, modify it and apply it again: Siotra Watermark will automatically update the applied watermark.

Siotra Watermark is a very simple tool that helps you protect your images from light-fingered web users .

Siotra Watermark


Siotra Watermark 1.0

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